Shinken and sword transport

There is no restriction on the use of shinken during the competitions or gradings under Swedish law.

Shinken and other swords (whether sharp or not) should be transported in a closed bag so that they are not easily accessible or visible. No specific type of locking mechanism is required, a normal sword bag is sufficient. Transporting a sword is allowed when you have reason to do so, e.g. to and from the sports hall and when travelling to and from the EIC. Bringing your sword along for doing some downtown shopping is strictly speaking not allowed, even when packed away in a bag.

Please note that since August 2023 Sweden is at terror threat level “high” (level 4 of max 5) and the local police may impose additional safety regulations on the event. Until any such regulations are announced, we only ask that you stay safe and avoid transporting your sword unnecessarily.

Travelling through Denmark?

If you are planning to travel through Denmark, please note that Denmark has strict restrictions on swords, including iaito/mogito. We can assist you with an invitation letter to the EIC, but we cannot guarantee that this will be deemed sufficient by Danish authorities.