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Pre-entry around the corner

Pre-entry around the corner

The website has been quiet so far while we have been busy preparing for this year’s EIC, but it’s high time to share more information with you.


Pre-entry is opening soon, with a deadline of 30 June. We hope you will all strive to pre-register with as correct information as possible to help us make this year’s championships the best they can be. Final registration will be open until 8 September with the payment deadline one week later (15 September).


We have tried our best to keep costs down, and are happy to be able to keep similar prices as last year’s EIC.

Team taikai€100/team
Individual taikai€50/competitor
Sayonara party€65/participant


Each delegation will be responsible for booking their own accommodation. We have negotiated deals and secured rooms with several hotels in Gothenburg. Information about the hotels are available on the website, and instructions on how to get access to the negotiated deals will be distributed to all delegations. Breakfast is included with all suggested accommodation options. Note that we will not organize dinners except for the Sunday sayonara party. However, all suggested hotels have restaurants in the building. Or if you prefer, the city of Gothenburg is just around the corner…